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Benefits of Dancing

WHY DANCE? Ballroom dancing is a great teacher.

  1. it teaches teamwork;
  2. it teaches discipline through practice and routines;
  3. it teaches understanding of music's rhythm and tempo;
  4. it teaches coordinated movement;
  5. it teaches poise, balance, and self-confidence;
  6. it teaches good dress and manners;
  7. it teaches a skill and ability that will be very useful throughout life.

Physical Benefits . . .

Physically, the general conditioning that ballroom dancing provides will benefit you in many ways. If you practice regularly, you will build stamina equal to that of soccer players or runners. You will acquire far more lasting physical stamina than football or baseball players who "stop and start" rather than continuously move.

Another plus is that ballroom dancing will provide excellent physical condition without risk of injury inherent in most physical sports.

With dance, you will become involved with disciplines and movements that can instill innate knowledge of body dynamics and skills that may enhance your life in many ways. Mutually engaging in dance with a partner requires balance, synchronized and coordinated movement, and develops prime and usable body skills.

Mental Benefits . . .

Mentally you will find great satisfaction in the achievements afforded by dancing - whether as a "great dancer" in social situations, or participating in a hotly contested competition. Students are greatly drawn to competition endeavor. Unknown to most, dancing offers keen and top-grade competition in formation teams, team matches, and couple dancing.

Ballroom dance teams usually include top academic leaders of the school or college. They are attracted to ballroom dancing by both the physical and mental challenge. Ballroom dance clubs provide a great social network in a controlled environment that is free of smoking, alcohol, and drugs.

Ballroom dancing will stretch your thinking and the "do-it" abilities. As your dancing improves, the sense of achievement will build confidence and pride. The teamwork needed to dance with a partner, as well as with a formation team, is mutually stimulating to concentration and learning. Regardless of your age, dancing will be an excellent learning experience in discipline, achievement, assuredness, and self-confidence. These favorable attributes then will transfer to other aspects of your life and this will provide even greater benefits in your future. When you dance you will enjoy it and thrive.

Social Benefits . . .

You will feel emotionally better when you find yourself more socially acceptable, which dancing will help. Socially, you will discover a new alliance with the opposite sex, an alliance built on courtesy, consideration, and mutual achievement.

As a good dancer you will find yourself much appreciated at social functions and always popular. This will build "social confidence."

Ballroom dancing, a valuable lifetime social skill, will provide much joy and be useful during your entire life. It is a skill to be learned, practiced, used frequently, and treasured.